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Sandra McGlothlin

Fort Worth Business Press
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By Amy Keen

Since starting their commercial and industrial roofing business out of their home in 1982 with only eight employees, Ronnie and Sandra McGlothlin are proud to say seven of those eight have remained — plus another 143, contributing to Empire Roofing Ltd.’s $20 million in annual sales.

After roofing since he was 13, Ronnie McGlothlin had learned what to do, and what not to do, to run a business. Still, when he and his wife were young and starting Empire Roofing, they had to assure their parents they wouldn’t go broke. “We were only 21 and 22 when we started, and I think we were too young to know better,” Sandra McGlothlin said. “In our minds, there was nothing we couldn’t do.”

That self-assurance combined with a strong work ethic and Ronnie McGlothlin’s knowledge of roofing since he was 13 has made the company a success today, with not only the Fort Worth office, at 5301 Sun Valley Drive, but offices in Houston, El Paso, Austin and San Antonio, as well as Memphis, Tenn.

The company specializes in flat roofs, and offers an innovation through its Web site,, call “eleak.” Using that link, customers can report leaks 24 hours a day. Since raising their children in the office, the oldest, Mark, now works in customer service for Empire, while his sister, Cheryl, works in the sales department. Future plans include the likely opening of an office in Mexico, Sandra McGlothlin said.
“We always knew we were going to be successful,” she said. “I guess we just didn’t know the business was going to be this big.”


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